Monday, January 25, 2010

Workshop on Feb 21st: AUDIO DIVINA-- Jewish & Christian Interpretations and Experience of Scripture

AUDIO DIVINA: Jewish and Christian interpretations and experience of Scripture

In this workshop, biblical scholars and musicians from Jewish and Christian traditions will join together for a multi-sensory experience of Scripture. We will study texts together, considering the history of the ideas in their ancient and modern Jewish contexts. Together with the intellectual examination of words and texts, we will consider ways that Jews and Christians experience these texts within musical liturgical contexts.

When: February 21st 2010

Instructors: Professors Marcie Lenk (above) & Deirdre Good

Musicians: Rabbi Julia Andelman and Ana Hernandez

Workshop Length: 1-5pm

Workshop Location: The Tutu Center, General Theological Seminary, New York, NY

Cost: $10.00 for the public; free for students

Preliminary Workshop schedule:

1. Introduction: Listening to music and texts (15 minutes)

2. Performances of Psalm 23 by Jewish and Christian Musicians (30 minutes) by Rabbi Julia Andelman and Ana Hernandez

3. Written and oral responses to the music from participants using particular questions to address how singing and hearing music affects understanding of the Psalm (45 minutes).

4. Break for tea (West 3: Deirdre Good's apartment) (30 minutes)

5. Performances of Hannah's Prayer and Song and the Magnificat (30 minutes).

6. Interpretation of Hannah's Prayer and the Magnificat (Marcie Lenk and Deirdre Good) (1 hour).

6. Concluding music (30 minutes).

Marcie Lenk is a Visiting Professor at Boston University and a doctoral candidate in the study of Early Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism at Harvard University. Having lived in Jerusalem from 1988-2000, she has also taught in a number of Jewish and Christian seminaries.

Deirdre Good is a professor of New Testament at The General Theological Seminary in New York City. She has recently published a book with Bruce Chilton called Starting New Testament Study: Learning and Doing (SPCK, 2009).

The workshop is made possible by a generous grant from the Evangelical Education Society of the Episcopal Church. Register for the event here.


Rev Dr Mom said...

Wow, that sounds really intriguing. I'm not sure I can make it by 1:00 on a Sunday though :( Skipping church is not so much an option :)

Deirdre said...

Come for the latter part! Love to have you...

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