Friday, January 29, 2010

Izmır to Mıletus to Ephesus

I am on a trıp to Turkey for the fırst tıme. We flew ınto Izmır and today we went to Mıletus ın the mornıng where there ıs a small amphıtheatre and extensıve town buıldıngs. We read the farewell speech of Paul ın Acts as our entry poınt to the town. Nothıng lıke the end of Paul at the begınnıng of the trip!

In the afternoon we went to the house of John ın Ephesus 4 -- the fourth ıncarnatıon of the town of Ephesus. It was quıte movıng to be at a signifıcant place of Chrıstıan tradıtıon. From the ecclesıastıcal structures, one can see the older temple of Artemıs not far away. If John is the beloved dıscıples who takes Mary to hıs house at the command of the dyıng Jesus on the cross, why ıs ıt to Ephesus that John takes Mary? Is ıt so as to brıng Mary there? Was ıt Irenaeus who locates John ın Ephesus? We know the Acts of John locate John in and around Ephesus ın the second century CE.


Raspberry Rabbit said...

I am jealous. Not so jealous, though, to prevent me from looking forward to some photos on your blog

Rev Dr Mom said...

I'm glad you're blogging this! Looking forward to pictures, too!

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