Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sabbatical Project

Now that it is the New Year, and particularly a new year containing a sabbatical, it's time to plan! Actually, the board approved my sabbatical last fall. Yesterday I finished a grant proposal to convert my foundation course, Introduction to the New Testament: The Synoptic Gospels to an interactive online course. However, since I have only done podcasts for an online Introduction to Koine Greek last summer, I don't really know what's involved. Fortunately lots of other people do know and I have been speaking to them since I got back from the UK.

I'm going to start by applying to take an online course for theological faculty teaching on line offered by the Wabash Center from June 1 to July 26th. If I am accepted, I'll have a good basis on which to proceed. Then I can spend part of my fall sabbatical creating an online course in preparation for teaching it in Easter 2011.

I've begun to look at online courses offered by theological schools in the US listed by the ATS. The variety is apparent. At any rate, all advice will be gratefully received particularly by those who have taken or created online courses.

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