Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day "In the Garden"

In thinking of single people on Valentine's Day, Mahalia Jackson's version of "In the Garden" came to mind. You'll need Real Player to hear it. The song is under "Bonus Audio" as one of three files in a segment discussing Bill Henderson's book about hymns: Simple Gifts, Great Hymns, One Man's Search for Grace (2006).

You can hear this hymn in a variety of different ways: as a woman walks with her beloved in the garden; as a Christian person of faith walking with the Lord in the garden; as a lover with a beloved in the Song of Songs perhaps redeeming the story in the Garden of Eden; as Mary Magdalene meeting Jesus the gardener in the garden after the resurrection. Perhaps the story has something for everyone. Happy Valentine's Day!

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Rev Dr Mom said...

Beautiful. Thanks.

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