Friday, February 23, 2007

How the current Episcopal debate comes across

Recently, I met a clergyman from another branch of the Christian Church that does not ordain women. It was after Susan Russell and Kendall Harmon had been interviewed by Margaret Warner on the PBS Lehrer Newshour on Wednesday of this week. Since he brought up the topic of current debates in the Episcopal Church, I asked his opinion. "Of course its a good thing to get these matters out into the open," he began. Then he added emphatically, "They were interviewed for TWENTY FIVE minutes!!" commenting on the unusually large segment of the newshour given over to the debate. He added, "The woman looked professional and well-dressed, but I was surprised that she wore a piece of jewellery around her neck without a cross!" Cottoning on to the direction of the discussion, I inquired about the sartorial aspects of her dialogue partner, Kendall Harmon. "Oh dear," he said, "He must have lost weight recently because his collar was hanging off his neck. And you could see that the button on his cuff was undone."

There you have it. To all of us making public statements about the current debate: Caveat spectator! Viewer beware! The content of our discussion is immaterial; the issues decided. What matters is how we look.


Rev Dr Mom said...

Oh good grief!

And I don't think Kendall Harmon has lost any weight...she says snarkily!!

Caminante said...

I echo RDM -- Kendall lose weight? Don't think so (i.e., no se puede). Kind of silly of your interlocuteur to comment on their appearance and not the content, no?

kendall said...

I actually have lost a lot of weight, so I commend the accuracy of that observation. I have been on a program since last August.

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