Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Six New Things (Actually, One) in Chelsea, NYC

Gagosian Gallery, Sebastian + Barquet
hold Newson-fest in Chelsea showrooms
Marc Newson is regarded as one of the most creative and influential designers of this generation. And, perhaps, several others as well.

Sydney-born and entirely self-taught as an architect and designer, Newson produces giddily forward-looking furniture, glassware, lighting and luggage that have landed in the permanent collections of the world's top design museums, as well as Madonna videos. Last year, a Newson work commanded the most money ever paid at an auction for a work by a living artist.

This month, you have not one but TWO opportunities to indulge in the quirky and funky world of Newson's aesthetic ... and they are right across the street from each other.

The Gagosian Gallery is presenting a major exhibition of new, limited-edition works by Newson -- the first solo exhibition of Newson's talent in the United States. The works represent Newson's mind-boggling expertise at fashioning beauty from extreme treatment of materials like nickel and marble. Jan. 25 to Mar. 3. 555 W. 24th. 212.741.1111.

Meanwhile, the design showroom Sebastian + Barquet inaugurates its new showroom on 24th Street with an exhibition of vintage furniture crafted by Newson. The pairing is ironic -- the exhibition hearkens to the past while Sebastian + Barquet's spectacular new showroom heralds Chelsea as the future epicenter of 20th and 21st century design. Opened Jan. 25. 544 W. 24th. 212.488.2245.

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