Friday, December 19, 2008

March 18, 2009: "Repentance, Renewal and Reconciliation: How One Demonination Has Come to Terms with its Anti-Judaic Heritage"

Repentance, Renewal, and Reconciliation: How One Denomination (the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) Has Come to Terms with Its Anti-Judaic Heritage

Lecture given by the Reverend Dr Franklin Sherman:
In 1994, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America issued a "Declaration to the Jewish Community" in which it repudiated Martin Luther's anti-Jewish writings, expressed its sorrow for their baleful effects in subsequent generations, and affirmed its "urgent desire to live out our faith in Jesus Christ with love and respect for the Jewish people." Why was the Declaration issued at that particular time? How was it received in the Jewish community, and what has been the follow-up in educational materials? Dr. Sherman, who chaired the committee that prepared the Declaration, will discuss these and related questions in his lecture.

March 18, 2009 Annual Lecture of the Center for Jewish Christian Studies and Relations: General Theological Seminary, 7.00 Seabury Auditorium.

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