Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Year of Living Biblically

A. L. Jacobs researched and wrote "One Man's Humble Quest to Live the Bible as Literally as Possible" according to the NY Daily News.

He heeded the Ten Commandments, and didn't lie, steal or covet. He tithed his income. He wore white and attached tassels to his shirt-sleeves. He didn't touch his wife, Julie, or any woman, at certain times of the month. He pelted an adulterer with a pebble. "It was a surprisingly intense encounter," says Jacobs.

Not that he always got it right. "I failed on an hourly basis, and that was one of the lessons," he says. "You'll never be perfect."

Nonetheless, he has changed in ways big and small.

"I spent so much time giving thanks while doing the book, I'm more thankful now. I focus on the 100 little things that go right every day.


Rev Dr Mom said...

So did he feed the hungry and visit the prisoner? I guess that's not as interesting as dressing biblically and growing a beard.

But I'm being snarky. In some ways it's an interesting idea. It still sort of feels like he was missing the point though.

Deirdre said...

The biggest problem seems to be that he did it BY HIMSELF...

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