Thursday, October 25, 2007

Opinion Editorial from the Times of India on Sacred Space: Family Values:-
The chief blessing is an honourable home — and its crowning glory is worthy offspring.

Thiruvalluvar, The Kural 60

All creatures are the family of God; And he the most beloved is of God Who does most good unto his family.

Prophet Muhammad

In the family, may discipline overcome indiscipline, peace discord, charity miserliness, devotion arrogance, and the truth-spoken word the false spoken-word.

Avesta, Yasna 60.5

Each of us will have our own different ways of expressing love and care for the family. However, unless that is a high priority, we will find that we may gain the whole world and lose our own children.

Michael Green, evangelist

Ma loves me when she cuts an' sews My little cloak an' Sund'y clothes; An' when my Pa comes home to tea, She loves him most as much as me. She laughs an' tells him all i said, An' grabs me up an' pats my head; An' i hug her, an' hug my Pa, An' love him purt' nigh as much as Ma.

James W Riley

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