Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Updating my c-v

Very few people need or care to update a curriculum vitae but in the course of recommending a colleague for promotion to full professor, mine was requested to support the recommendation. Although we actually have an annual review with the academic Dean each Spring (which includes a few pages summarizing our recent professional activities), my c-v seems not to have been updated in a while. What have I published recently?

Looking back over annual reviews and trails of emails, I recalled that I had been invited to submit an article on "Elaine Pagels" for a multi-volume encyclopedia: Women in Today's World (published by MacMillan) and that in 2010 I had received an email from the publishers saying that a draft of my article had been accepted and would be published. And then I heard no more. This kind of reference work is likely only to be bought by libraries. So I went online and found that indeed the work had been published in 2011 with 2016 pages. How on earth would I find the page numbers to reference my tiny article?

Well, some of the material seems to be online because a search for the encyclopedia together with the article on "Elaine Pagels" brought the happy news that the article is on pp.1062-1063. So that's one article correctly referenced!

I've also updated an article I wrote on women in noncanonical texts for the 20th Anniversary edition of A Women's Bible Commentary (Westminster John Knox) eds Carol Newsom and Sharon Ringe. The book will be republished in 2012. This was far harder than the original as so much more material on women in noncanonical NT texts has been published in the last 20 years in addition to explosions of material on gender imagery and issues. Strictly speaking, there isn't even a limitation of dates on noncanonical texts. See the problem?

In my updated c-v I also include blog posts I write for Episcopal Cafe. These posts represent a different kind of writing that isn't strictly academic but it reaches a far wider audience than anything academic I ever write. 

"Stuff Happens" (May 2007)

"Missing Saints and Psalms" (July 2007)

"Is It Morally Justifiable to Publish Mother Teresa's Private Letters?" (August 2007) 

"Why Do We Need To Discuss Hospitality?" (September 2007)

"Who's On Trial? The Gospel and the Archbishop"  (November 2007)

"Blood Isn't thicker than Water" (October 2007)
"What Has the Bible to Do With Sexuality?" (December 2007)
"Diversity of Pauline Traditions" (January 2008)
"Secret Mark" (February 2008)
"The Gospel of Truth" (March 2008)
"Female Prophets: A Lost Legacy?" (April 2008)
"Krister Stendahl" with Jane Redmont (May 2008)
"Mourning Diamond" (June 2008)
"Did Jesus Speak Greek?" (September 2008)
"Bill Maher's Religulous: An Exercise in Caricature" (October 2008)
"Our (Same-Sex) Marriage" (December 2008)
"Narnia: Christian Triumphalism or Imaginative Pluralism?" (January 2009)
"Racism, Injustice and Reparations" (February 2009) reposted in Ekklesia:
"Singing Judith's Song" (March 2009)
"Why Do You Seek the Living Among the Dead?" (April 2009)
"On Being Excluded" (May 2009)
"Fathers and Daughters" (August 2009)
"The Contribution of the Lone Translator" (October 2009)
"Go Forth From this World" (January 2010)
“To see and respect” (March 2010)
“A Trip that Changed my Life” (May 2010)
“White Light Festival” (December 2010) reposted in Religion at the Margins:
“Buildings and Meanings” (February 2011)
“Elizabeth Johnson: Reliable Guide” (April 2011)
“Created in God’s Image” (July 2011)
“The art of waiting” (August 2011)
“Jesus & Abba” (October 2011)
“Is the Kingdom of Heaven a Ponzi Scheme?” (November 2011)

Long story short: the c-v is taking longer to update than I anticipated...


RFSJ said...

I wondered why the link on your page on the GTS site was broken!


Deirdre said...

Finally got an abridged version on to the GTS page.

RFSJ said...

Thank you - most helpful.