Friday, January 13, 2012

Onassis Foundation Exhibition: Transition to Christianity

Currently the Onassis Foundation here in NYC is showing an exhibit Transition to Christianity: Art of Late Antiquity--3rd to 7th Century CE through May 14th, 2012 including items never seen outside Greece. Peter Brown says:

“This exhibition is devoted, in large part, to showing the strange and colorful life of an age which had once been consigned to the shadows, as an age of death and gloom…. Here was an other story, told under an other, more peaceful, eastern sky: the preparation, throughout the territories still ruled from Constantinople by Roman emperors, of a Byzantine civilization that would last for a further millennium.” 

“It was the last and the most open of the great ages of antiquity,” Peter Brown continues. “Of this great story, an exhibition can show only fragments…. These poignant fragments of a long-lost age speak to us directly of what it was like, on the ground, to live through an era of mighty transition.” 

There is an online course at the website giving you a flavor of the exhibit. And the Wall Street Journal published this review on January 4th. 

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