Saturday, June 25, 2011

Catholics and the vote for same-sex marriage

Hats off to State Senator Mark Grisanti whose Catholicism did not prevent him for voting in support of allowing same-sex couples to marry in New York State. He speaks of doing the right thing, doing the research and respecting himself. "A man can be wiser today than yesterday" he says twice. Same-sex couples have rights and they cannot be denied as human beings, tax-payers and workers in this state. The bill also protects religious rights.

In an article "Key Vote for NY gay marriage not just Catholic", Cathy Lynn Grossman, who generally writes pieces I enjoy reading, doesn't seem to grasp that his position does not vitiate his religious beliefs. True, he may be in tension with his bishop. But so are many other good Roman Catholics in this state: politicians like Governor Cuomo, theologians like Sister Elizabeth Johnson, and so on, right back to Geraldine Ferraro who are or were in tension with Roman Catholic hierarchy over the public exercise and articulation of their Christian faith. Let's open up the issues around that debate and air them publicly

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Forsythia said...

Let's hope Maryland votes in same-sex marriage the next time around.

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