Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Seeing the God in Late Antique Mediterranean and Roman Culture--Thursday May 12th

Co-sponsored by UTS History Department and Fordham Department of Theology
Union Theol. Seminary Room 207
10.00  Coffee and Cookies.
10.20  Welcome. Symposiarchs Profs. McGuckin & Pettis
10.30  Introduction Panel 1.  Chair  Prof. Jeff Pettis
10.40 —11.00 Seeing the god in Greco-Roman cult. J Pettis
11.00— 11.20 Seeing among the Philosophers. S. Trostyanskiy
11.20 —11.40 Seeing the divine in antique Judaism. J Calaway
11.40— 12.00 Seeing divine things in proto-Christian Literature.
   J Pettis & J McGuckin.
12.00— 12.10 Seeing our way to a break
12.10  Introduction Panel 2.  Chair  Prof. McGuckin
12.15– 12.35 Vision in the Nag Hammadi Texts. C. Lilllie
12.30-  12.50 Holy vision in Syro-Christian texts. T French
12.50– 1.10 Seeing things invisible in Byzantium. J McGuckin
1.10 —  1.40 Open Panel Discussion.

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Raspberry Rabbit said...

I'm rather sorry not to be on the right side of the pond. That looks good.

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