Saturday, March 28, 2009

Who Was Jesus? on the Discovery Channel

Starting on Sunday April 5th at 8pm, the Discovery channel begins a three-part series, Who Was Jesus? Check your local listings.

Part 1: Childhood--The dramatic reality of the Age of Jesus. A journey through the Holy Land with three expert guides who investigate the latest archaeological and historical evidence to put together a portrait of the early years of Jesus and the forces that shaped his life.

Part 2: The Mission--Three experts unearth the reality of Jesus's life and times, and discover a world of starvation, injustice and desperation for salvation. Jesus was one of many miracle makers who sought to make their people free.

Part 3: Last Days--Jesus entered Jerusalem at the start of the final week of his life. Everything he did was a political challenge to the Roman authorities and the High Priest of the Temple. Three experts unearth the reality of his attempt to free his people from oppression.

One of the experts is Prof. Rachel Havrelock, at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Another is Prof. Byron McCane , Chair of the Department of Religion at Wofford College, Spartanburg, SC.


Unknown said...

I watched this and enjoyed it. I am wondering if they are planning on re-showing it or selling the series?

Unknown said...

You can purchase it here:

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