Thursday, May 18, 2006

Scarlet Tanager in Central Park

Today's early birdwalk included sighting of a scarlet tanager (picture courtesy of Wild Bird Gallery) distinguished not only by its color but also location at the very top of a tall tree. Shortly afterward a red tailed hawk flew overhead which explains the tanager's hasty departure. Our group saw warblers including a Cape May warbler, Magnolia, Black and White, Yellow rumped, Chestnut sided warblers and also an American Redstart. Our guide saw an Indigo Bunting along with several warblers but I confess I did not. Sigh.

Some consensus exists among bird watchers that numbers are generally down this year, alas.

1 comment:

Rev Dr Mom said...

Oh, the scarlet tanager is beautiful! I'd love to see an indicgo bunting, too.

I saw a rufous sided towhee the other day, and I have (at least)two orioles in my yard now. They like the oranges and grape jelly I've been leaving them. Now if I could get the squirrels to stop stealing the oranges...

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