Wednesday, April 26, 2006

How to help the Church by Tom Hanks

According to several sources e.g. Ananova Tom Hanks thinks the DaVinci Code movie could help ministers increase congregations by hosting discussions to accompany the movie's release in May. He points out that 12 people might show up for a discussion on this week's gospel but 800 are likely to attend a discussion on the DVC.

Perhaps this is the occasion to announce an A&E program on the DVC movie to be shown on May 18 including interviews with Elaine Pagels, Diane Apostolos-Cappadona and yours truly?

Speaking of help, has anyone noticed an exclusive interview Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold gave to the Guardian last Friday ? It seems not to have caught the attention of Anglicans on line last Sunday. I quote the opening paragraph which I do not think violates copyright:-

"The leader of the US Episcopal church, which is in danger of being expelled from the worldwide Anglican communion for its election of an openly homosexual bishop, has warned parishioners of the diocese of California that they would widen the confrontation it they chose another gay bishop...."

Griswold then goes on to say that he hopes the diocese of California will exercise caution in the forthcoming election, adding that it will then be up to the House of Bishops to give or withold their consent. The interview concludes by observing that perhaps it is the work of the Evil One to make us fixate on sexuality rather than more urgent matters like poverty, disease and civil war.

A quick perusal of the nominees from the website of the Diocese of California indicates a broad range of people from many different backgrounds with good experience. Let's pray that the Holy Spirit will blow on and around the election in a couple of weeks as it falls under a media microscope.

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Rev Dr Mom said...

I had heard the quote from the PB, but not read the whole article...thanks for the link. How the urge to "be cautious" is interpreted, of course, varies according who is doing the interpreter: some conservatives have claimed that he's saying "don't elect a L/G person no matter what" but it's not clear to me that is what he is saying. The comments I've heard from people in the Diocese of CA all sound like that they are trying to be open to the movement of the Holy Spirit and elect the best possible bishop. I do pray that will be the case.

I'm going to have to find a TV to watch the DVC program on A&E. I'm sure the parishioners here will be interested in it.

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