Saturday, May 05, 2007

Parts of Jewish Christian and Muslim Sacred Texts on line

A link to images of 67 sacred texts from the British Library exhibit is here showing examples from the Dead Sea Scrolls, early Codices, a 9th century Torah Codex, etc. The images are excellent. However, information about the Gospel of Thomas is incomplete since the chart refers only to the papyrus known as BL 1531 (P. Oxy. 654) and the Coptic text of Thomas. Unmentioned are P. Oxy. 1 and P.Oxy 655, the other papyrus fragments of Greek versions of Thomas that can be dated after 200CE and 200-250 CE respectively. Thus the dating in the chart of 3rd Century is for the BL papyrus (P. Oxy. 654) only, not for the text of the Gospel of Thomas as seen by the (unmentioned) papyri above. One should use the dates on the chart with caution.

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