Saturday, May 05, 2007

(A new?) Essentialism on why women should not be ordained

Dott.Pia di Solenni argues that the discussion of ordaining women to the priesthood has been a sort of "overemphasis of the masculine."

"No doubt," continued de Solenni, "women need a voice in the Church, but it must be an authentic voice and not their voice made to sound like a man's."

Women, she stated, have a unique role in the Church and in society and that role should not be forced into masculine paradigms. "To do so," she said, "runs the risk of losing what is truly feminine -- not the femininity of fashion, but the varied femininity of women saints, whose personalities and strengths span just as far as those of men saints … if not more."


Rev Dr Mom said...

I wanted to come up with some pithy, witty or at least articulate response to this, but the truth is, it just makes me sad.

Unknown said...

It seems her argument assumes that since the model of clergy has been predominantly male then ordaining women is wedging females into a male model. However, that assumes that the most common model is the proper model. In other words just because the clergy ranks are filled with men, that fact alone does not make masculinity the best model for ordained ministry. History is replete with accounts of bad male models of ministry. While it is wrong to simply assume that female models would automatically counter balance these models, it is at least nice to have options.

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