Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tom Ehrich on Anglican Bishops and Gay Pride

I'm in agreement with The Rev. Tom Ehrich who writes in the Indy Star about two groups of Anglican Bishops meeting presently in Jerusalem and Canterbury who will talk about little but sexuality, as if joblessness, warfare, surging inequalities, environmental destruction, tribal mayhem, mounting despair and fragile joys had no place at God's table. They will talk as if all God cared about now is sexuality, as if the entire Christian universe turned on whether men make love to men, and women to women, as if the provocative Gospel of Jesus Christ -- two-thirds of it about wealth and power, virtually none of it about sex -- were irrelevant to the 21st century.

As they do, their openly gay colleague from New Hampshire, whose consecration as bishop five years ago stirred the storm, will stand politely outside the circle, unwelcome. I wonder if any of our American bishops will have the courage to stand outside with him.

I'll take the parade. Not just its few hours of affirming dignity, freedom and acceptance, but its perspective.

He concludes by imagining where Jesus would be on Gay Pride day (celebrated in many cities tomorrow):

I think I know where Jesus will be next Sunday afternoon: marching for dignity, freedom and acceptance. But I know for sure where Jesus will be Monday morning: loving the lost, healing the sick, sustaining the hopeful, comforting the afflicted and inviting us to join hands in circles of faith.

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