Friday, June 06, 2008

Gospel of Judas in recent news

Remember the Gospel of Judas? First announced in a TV programme released just before Easter in April 2006 through the auspices of the National Geographic Society?

The First International Conference on the Gospel of Judas organized by Madeleine Scopello was held in Paris, University of Sorbonne, October 27th-28th 2006. The proceedings of the conference are due to be published in August 2008 by Brill.

Then came the spate of new books on the topic. Then on Dec 1, 2007 came Prof April DeConick's OpEd piece in the New York Times (login required) followed by the response from the National Geographic Society and various reactions.

In March 2008, Prof DeConick organized a conference on the Gospel of Judas at Rice University.

Most recently, on May 30, Thomas Bartlett wrote a piece in the Chronicle for Higher Education: "The Betrayal of Judas." This received wide attention. Here's the National Geographic's response and Tom Bartlett's rejoinder.

Finally, today on April DeConick's blog comes a statement by Marvin Meyer and observations by Prof DeConick herself including updating and revision of her book The Thirteenth Apostle.

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