Sunday, June 15, 2008

Matthew's Gospel in Scots

There's an excerpt from the Beatitudes in this CD of Matthew's Gospel in Scots read by Tom Fleming from a rendering by William L. Lorimer. Scots is mostly heard and spoken so putting this version on CD is appropriate.

Here's a transcription:

Seein hou monie there wis o them, he spealed the brae, an whan he hed sitten doun, an his disciples hed gethert about him, he set tae the teachin, an this is what he said tae them:

"Hou happie the puir at is hummle afore God,
for theirs is the Kingdom o heiven !
Hou happie the dowff an dowie,
for they will be comfotit !
Hou happie the douce an cannie,
for they will faa the yird !
Hou happie them at yaups an thrists for richteousness,
for they will get their sairin !
Hou happie the mercifu,
for they will win mercie !
Hou happie the clean o hairt,
for they will see God !
Hou happie the redders o strow an strife,
for they will be caa'd the childer o God !
Hou happie them at hes dree'd misgydin for richteousness' sake,
for their's is the Kingdom o Heiven !

Hou happie ye, whan they tash an misgyde ye an say aathing ill o ye, liein on ye, for my sake ! Blythe be ye an mirkie, for gryt is the rewaird bidin ye in heiven; it wis een sae they misgydit the Prophets afore ye.

"Ye ar the saut o the warld. But gin the saut gaes saurless, what will gie it back its tang? There is nocht adae wi it mair but cast it outbye for fowk tae patter wi their feet.

"Ye ar the licht o the warld. A toun biggit on a hill-tap canna be hoddit; an again, whan fowk licht a lamp, they pit-it-na- ablo a meal-bassie, but set it up on the dresser-heid, an syne it gies licht for aabodie i the houss. See at your licht shines that gate afore the warld, sae at aabodie may see your guid deeds an ruise your Faither in heiven !

frae 'The New Testament in Scots' - William L Lorimer. This extract is from St Matthews, chapter 5, verses 1 to 16. Lorimer's translation of the New Testment, from the original Greek, intil Scots was published in 1983.

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