Wednesday, July 18, 2007

John Reaney wins his case against the CofE

Here's the legal report. Here's the statement from the Diocese of Hereford. Here's the local newspaper report from the Hereford Times.

I'd say this is a vindication of Susan John's statement on the incoherent policy of the CofE:-

Susan Johns has been a member of the House of Laity of the Church of England General Synod for 16 years and knows Mr Reaney from his time as a youth worker in Norfolk diocese.

She told the tribunal Mr Reaney, who she has known for over a decade, is inspirational and tireless in his work.

Mr Johns attacked the confusing position of the church towards gay people:

"The Church of England has no coherent position on homosexuality, in my opinion it is a shambles," she said, according to

"I cannot understand how a faith that professes to be open, honest and truthful can condone a situation whereby if a member of clergy covers up their same sex relationships, it is acceptable.

"But if they are open and honest and a person of integrity, there is condemnation and discrimination."

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