Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth, Everyone!

Alas, our dogs do not like fireworks :(

However, Happy Fourth to all!

News from the heartland of Lawrence, Kansas about a hearing in front of the City Commission on domestic partner registration :-

Once again LGBT people who spent their days going to work, taking care of their children, raking their lawns or weeding their gardens sat in stony silence as our opponents testified. Once again, we were labeled “immoral.” We were called “an abomination.”

The words hurt, as always, and the fear and anger directed at us seemed much larger than justified by our simple request. But this time something different happened. This time when the final vote came June 19, we won and it wasn’t even close.

The first domestic partner registry in the state of Kansas passed on a 4-1 vote. It’s scheduled to go into effect Aug. 1.

Less than three years after the religious right steamrolled over the LGBT community to put marriage bans in the constitutions of 18 states, we have done what once seemed impossible. Across the nation and even in red states like Kansas, we have become politically stronger than ever before.

Let's just remember the price of liberty.....eternal vigilance!

And, from north of the border comes this striking perspective from Mark Abley of the Star on recent developments in the Anglican Church of Canada:-

A small miracle occurred two days ago across the nation: Hundreds of gay and lesbian Anglicans showed up to worship in churches that had just scorned them.

I know, that's not the official story. The official story is that by a narrow margin, the bishops of the Anglican Church of Canada voted to make it impossible for any parish in the country to bless same-sex couples. Warships and hamsters can be blessed, but not a loving pair of women or men.


Simon Barrow said...

Yeh, happy Fourth! Let freedom roll.. and not just for the good 'ol US of A :)

Rev Dr Mom said...

Happy Fourth of July to you all, too.

janinsanfran said...

Great news from Lawrence. We do keep keeping on. I write as one who worked on the first domestic partners electoral campaign -- a campaign we LOST in San Francisco in 1989! How far we've come.

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