Wednesday, June 06, 2007

For God's Sake, George (Bush)

The Independent newspaper (UK) published a one page advertisment on June 4th looking like this. Ekklesia noted it yesterday but could not find out much about the source. They did however, provide an exegesis. It appears that the advertisment is aimed at the presence of President Bush at the G8 summit this week in Berlin. The gist of the statement is clear:-

“George, it took Me 7 days of hard work to create this planet, Please don’t ruin it for me.”


John Lyons said...
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John Lyons said...

Not very good exegesis on the part of the creators of the thing though. Wasn't it six days of hard work?

johnieb said...

Theological sophistry aside, "catechetical failure" may be a cause, though I know ya can't make 'em learn.

Simon Barrow said...

On the exegesis front ... it depends, I guess, whether rest is seen as part of the creative efort, or separate from it (6 days or 7). I think this might be a case in which a mistake is more redemptive than being correct ;)

Simon Barrow said...

PS. We are still trying to find out who placed the ad. I'd quite like to interview God's agent on earth. I'm sure Deirdre could help come up with a few to-the-point questions :) (Er, yes, I know - Christology not advertising is the real place to look).

Sorry for that f-less 'effort' in my last post, btw. The drinks are on me.