Saturday, June 16, 2007

Archbishop Tutu: God is weeping

'I can't imagine the Lord that I worship concurring with persecution'

Among many celebrity contributors to the Africa issue of 'Vanity Fair', guest edited by Bono, Brad Pitt interviewed Archbishop Desmond Tutu, about Christianity and homosexuality. "I could not for any part of me be able to keep quiet, because people were being penalised, ostracised, treated as if they were less than human, because of something they could do nothing to change: their sexual orientation. I can't imagine the Lord I worship, this Jesus Christ, actually concurring with the persecution of a minority. I think God is weeping. He is weeping that we should be spending so much energy, time, resources on this subject when the world is aching."


Unknown said...

Speaking of a cognitive disconnect, the ads by google banner at the top of your post had this on it:

Reach Omaha For Jesus
Help Luis Palau Reach Omaha With The Good News Of Jesus Christ

Somehow I don't think Luis Palau would enjoy being associated with Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his remarks on Homosexuality. There is a little bit of ironic divine justice in this coincidence.

God's Peace,

Rev Dr Mom said...

Amen to Bp. Tutu.

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