Friday, April 06, 2007

Keeping Mum and Family Values

"Keeping Mum" is a 2005 movie with Rowan Atkinson as the vicar of Lower Wopping, Kristen Scott Thomas as his wife (this poses as a traditional sort of film set in an English village--think: St Mary Meade). They are in the throes of a fairly dysfunctional marriage--their teenage daughter is a nymphomaniac and their young son bullied at school. Into this family steps Maggie Smith as their newly arrived housekeeper/nanny. She restores love to the adults, value to the daughter, and salvation to the son in some rather unorthodox and immoral ways.

There's a website that does four word movie reviews. Here's their one for this movie: "Crimes of Jean Brodie." My review: "Family Values justifies murder!"

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