Friday, April 13, 2007

Doggie Yoga

Just what I need on a Friday with faculty meetings of various kinds all day. According to the article, the Seattle/King County Humane Society now offers 40 minute classes of "doggie yoga."

Brenda Bryan, who teaches human yoga as well as the new class for both dogs and humans, says the dogs react to the gentle energy in the room.

"As we get into it, the dogs all kind of calm down," said Bryan, who developed the poses for the class by working with her own two dogs — Gus, a mixed breed, and Honey, a Shar Pei-Boxer mix — and talking to instructors in such cities as New York, Los Angeles and Pittsburgh where yoga for dogs and their owners is starting to catch on.

Sign me up! One shouldn't be too ambitious, of course. But apparently the dogs get used to the mat and at home, rush to the mat when it is unrolled whether yoga is planned or not :)


Unknown said...

Sounds relaxing!

Rev Dr Mom said...

You may need two mats, given the size of your furry family!

Seriously though, there is an older woman (80+) woman in the parish who meditates and does yoga and she says her animals (dog and cats) always respond (calmly) while she's doing it.

Ugh...Friday faculty meetings :(

Jane R said...

I had a cat like that. :-)

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