Sunday, April 15, 2007

Jesus, through Mary Magdalene's eyes on SAT-7 (thanks to Dan Brown)

People (particularly women) living in "the Middle East and North Africa" will be able to see a new film today: "Jesus, as witnessed by Mary Magdalene" thanks to SAT-7. The film, produced by LifeAgape and Nardine, is being broadcast by satellite today and its intention is to present "the loving Jesus who protected a woman’s honor, built up her dignity and gave her a role in preaching the good news."

LifeAgape Director Henri Aoun said, “The goal behind the production of this film is to help every woman to know her value in Jesus Christ. The Heavenly Father richly esteems women. That’s why, since the Old Testament, during the days of the prophet Solomon, He said, ‘Who could find a virtuous woman? Her price is far above rubies,’ Proverbs: 31:1.”

The producers want to correct the depiction of the relationship between MM and Jesus in the "DaVinci Code." She was a follower and the first witness of the resurection. "I feel the film is a much-needed production, one that is very important in the Arab world where women’s position in society, and even in the Church, has historically been marginalized,” says Jinan Slim, SAT-7’s Acquisitions Manager. We are assured on their website however that SAT 7's broadcasts are sensitive to the political, social and religious dimensions of Middle Eastern society.

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