Thursday, March 22, 2007

Love is stronger than death

Between the news from the UK of the defeat of the SOR regulations in the House of Lords last night (168-122), the opinion piece by Sir Elton John in the Guardian "Comment is Free" section of today's paper that homophobia is alive and well pointing to the case of William Hernández, 35, the Director of Asociación Entre Amigos (Between Friends Association) in El Salvador, and the courageous statements from our House of Bishops responding to the Primates' Communique, I want only to say, "thank you" to the House of Bishops particularly my own bishops Mark Sisk, Cathy Roskam of New York and Chilton Knudsen of Maine but most especially to my New Testament colleague Professor Kathy Grieb of Virginia Theological Seminary for her presentation to the House of Bishops earlier in the week: "Interpreting the Proposed Anglican Covenant through the Communique." It is a stellar exercise in interpreting primatial hermeneutics, clarifying Episcopal polity and suggesting a way forward. I particularly appreciated the last four paragraphs.

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