Thursday, March 08, 2007

Juliet Crawley Peck

Juliet Crawley Peck died in January 2007. She was a woman of courage and vision who in response to the tragic death of her second husband Rory Peck in 1993, created (with the help of his friends) the Rory Peck Award and Trust in 1995. The trust recognises and honors freelance cameramen and women everywhere, and helps the families of those who have been killed by raising funds to assist them. She was a committed Christian who all her life believed that she could make a difference in the world whilst having a good time along the way. Her obituary in the Times UK (alas now not available on line) describes a talk she gave in which she alludes to Jesus' parable about a grain of mustard seed as an analogy for her work of minute beginnings.

International Women's Day is a good day to remember these women and others like them and I thank my father, the Rev. Robert Stanley Good, for these references.

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