Friday, January 19, 2007

New Catalog from Religious Publishing House minus women

Yesterday a large glossy 65 page catalog from a religious publishing house arrived. As they seem to do, possibly because "biblical studies" begins with "B," the opening 14 pages covered biblical grammar, commentaries, and reference books in English and Spanish. I've discovered that there aren't any women scholars publishing anything new in my field of biblical studies from this publishing house except for one, "Women's Evangelical Commentary." So, being charitable but somewhat irritated, I moved to other areas. There are no women publishing anything in preaching. There's one in worship. And --would you believe--ONE author in youth ministry. There are certainly none in leadership --duh--but there IS a resource guide for women's ministry. 'Nuff said?

And if there are readers from such publishing houses, take a look, gentlemen, at Anne Graham Lotz's post this week on the clarity of the Bible regarding gender questions.

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