Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Psalm 150 is open on the bookstand articulating "Let everything that breathes praise the Lord!" and on the screen "Signs of the kingdom in perfumed roses." Mine are delphinium and zinnias...its the particular blue and the particular reds that play against each other so well.


Jane said...

Delphiniums are really one of my favourites - they remind me of my gentle grandmas - the German one and English one who both planted gardens - one sang, one painted both loved delphiniums - their granddaughter is a rather lazy gardener but loves these wonderful spikes of colour, perfect with the zinnias - behold such lilies of the field

Rev Dr Mom said...

That's a really lovely picture.

Deirdre said...

It was completely unplanned! The delphinium stalk fell off whilst I was watering and so I put it next to the zinnias!