Friday, July 11, 2008

Anyone who doesn't know what perspective the Daily Telegraph (UK) has only needs to read this article. Note the misspelling in the headline for starters. Then the photograph is unflattering. As to the body of the text, if you read what KJS actually says, its not the same as the commentary. It is good however that she is quoted as pointing out that arguments against the consecration of women bishops are often just disguises for blatant misogyny ("some people just don't like women").

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Jane R said...

They misspelled her first name in the body of the article too. I pointed out to MadPriest how unattractive the photo was and he has turned this into one of his caption contests, and the assembled multitudes have actually given it a positive spin. ;-) But of course I agree with you about the 'graph. The Episcopal Café had a note about it, remarking on the contrast between the actual interview and the package in which it came.

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