Thursday, July 24, 2008

Codex Sinaiticus on line today!

Parts of Codex Sinaiticus go on line today here. Here's a history of how the project came to be from AP.

In the past, anyone wishing to examine the document first hand would have had to approach the British Library "on bended knee," said Christopher Tuckett, a professor of New Testament studies at Oxford University.

"To have it available just at the click of a button is fantastic," he said. "You could do in two seconds what would take hours and hours of flicking through the leaves."

This 4th C text is the oldest complete text of the Septuagint and the NT. Its a good text to use instead of reconstructed Greek New Testaments for example because it establishes the state of an ancient text. There are English, German, French and Russian translations. Its very exciting to see Mark's gospel! Here's the opening. The ending of Mark is at 16:8.

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Jane R said...

Everyone is so excited the ms isn't visible (temporarily). It says "too many concurrent connections (over 100,000)." !!

This is great news.

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