Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jesus & Wikipedia

Chris Wilson writes for Slate of Wikipedia's article on Jesus as a way of tracing the evolution of Wikipedia, now 10 years on. For example, first Jesus was "a central figure" in Christianity. Then Jesus became "the central figure" but "the most central figure" was a description that did not last long. Now Jesus is simply "central." Nothing in Wikipedia is static. Claye Shirky in the Guardian writes that Wikipedia is about activity prompted by caring rather than product. Of course all that activity has to be monitored and protected otherwise it would be overrun by spam and vandals. So behind the activity is the activity of guardian aka editors. We can trace the constant evolution of information/knowledge in Wikipedia's Jesus article in this link:

Page title:Jesus
Total revisions:22,801
Number of minor edits:6,469 (28.37%)
Number of IP edits:4,686 (20.55%)
First edit:03 March 2001, 09:09:23 (by JimboWales)
Most recent edit:13 January 2011, 18:10:34
Average time between edits:0.16 days
Average number of edits per month:192.49
Average number of edits per year:2,309.84
Number of edits in the last day:0
Number of edits in the last week:5
Number of edits in the last month:116
Number of edits in the last year:1,128
Number of users:6,137
Average edits per user:3.72
Number of edits made by the top 10% of active users:14,232 (62.42%)

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