Saturday, May 30, 2009

Marilynne Robinson interviewed by Emma Brokes of the Guardian

A good interview of Marilynne Robinson by Emma Brokes is in today's Guardian Review section. Her recent novel "Home" is a contender for the Orange Prize.

Robinson's brilliance is in seeing the gaps between words as forcefully as the words themselves; all those rapid calculations as people test an exchange for hidden content, condescension, disingenuousness beyond polite necessity. "She is one of the most intellectually ambitious novelists in English," says Sarah Churchwell, a lecturer in American literature at the University of East Anglia and one of the Orange judges. "She trusts her readers to be able to think, to appreciate language for its own sake; and while she is morally serious, she is never humourless."

This kind of reflection has a particular resonance with my life having concluded two weeks with the aged p's during which time we lived in as ordinary a way as possible; laughed, mused, cried and discussed living and dying. As we wait to hear about treatment options next week, I'm back to blogging.

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