Sunday, October 19, 2008

Here I am in Pasadena for a few days at a consultation held at Fuller Seminary. It starts tomorrow so I've been walking around in beautiful weather this evening discovering places like Vroman's, an independent bookstore.


Brandon said...

Just make sure to visit Archives Bookshop while in Pasadena. :-)

Patrick George McCullough said...

You're in my hometown! My wife and I were taking the bus down Colorado last night. Maybe we saw you walking in and out of Vroman's without knowing.

I love that photo by the way. I've never really understood that: a "self-realization fellowship". So you're in a fellowship of people who realize themselves... together?

Rev Dr Mom said...

I read your most recent post before this one, and was very confused about the birds, but now it makes sense! Hope you have a great trip.