Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jesus Spoke Greek

My post on today's Episcopal Cafe, "Jesus Spoke Greek" is here.

Just to situate this discussion in relation to recent scholarship, The Oxford Handbook of Biblical Studies By John William Rogerson, Judith Lieu, Published by Oxford University Press, 2006 (ISBN 0199254257, 9780199254255) in a chapter "Language and Translation of the New Testament," Stanley E. Porter p. 189 (link here) cites nine passages in a discussion of whether Jesus conversed in Greek, listed in order of increasing probability. Jesus' trial before Pilate, attested in all four gospels, is, according to Prof Porter, the most probable example of Jesus' speaking Greek. My last paragraph tries to draw some conclusions from this material.


Peter Carey said...


Many thanks for your post over at Episcopal Cafe. I am sharing it with my students here at St. Catherine's.

I am glad you continue to share some interesting parts of your scholarship in a way that even non NT scholars can comprehend!

Have a great day!


Jane R said...

Fascinating post! I'm going to share its contents with students as well. Thanks for educating me, too. :-)

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