Saturday, September 27, 2008

The First Debate +Body Language

It wasn't a debate. Although Jim Lehrer encouraged the candidates to address remarks to each other from the outset, McCain refused. He chose instead to respond directly to Lehrer rather than looking anywhere else. Obama otoh addressed Lehrer, the viewing public via the TV camera, and McCain. When McCain spoke, Obama looked at him. When Obama spoke, McCain looked elsewhere. When McCain critized Obama without looking at him, it was as if he was speaking to himself. So we saw two different body postures: one fixed, one open; one rigid, one flexible. I found it fascinating and I know which I prefer.

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Fr. Jason Emerson said...

The fixed and rigid body posture along with the inane smiles added to the condescending tone with which he spoke. All in all he gave the impression it was beneath him to be on stage debating important issues with a fellow senator. It was absolute bad form, if you ask me.

God's Peace,

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