Friday, May 30, 2008

Jesus' Family Values: From Clan to Cosmos

What are the real values of the unmarried, radical social reformer who urges us to "hate father and mother" (Gospel of Luke) and "love parents as I do" (Gospel of Thomas)? An odd poster-boy for right-wing "family values," Jesus challenges the narrow confines of clan and tribe in the name of a larger humanity. In this interactive class led by Interweave Director Robert Corin Morris and guests, we'll look at different manifestations of family in the Bible (polygamy, monogamy, and monasticism among them), and explore the shifts in "family" in our own day.

Jesus' Family Values: From Clan to Cosmos

4 Wednesdays beg. June 4, 9:30-11:30 a.m.

$60 ($50 Interweave Members)

Christ Church, 66 Highland Ave., Short Hills

Register at 908-277-2120 or online at

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Simon Barrow said...

Don't see you listed among the 'instructors', Deirdre. Are you involved with this?

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