Sunday, May 04, 2008

Getting from A-B in NYC is NEVER the same!

Today was the 2008 Five Boro Bike Tour of 40 miles which I saw flying by on my way to Trinity to finish a marvelous series of Christian Education classes. The bike tour prevented some people from moving around the city. I took the E to the WTC without a problem.

Last week it was raining but I got a ride south to Trinity with J on her way back home. The week before the Pope was visiting Ground Zero so the whole area was out of commission. I walked to Union Square and took the 4 South to Wall Street. The first week, the subway stopped at Chambers Street for no apparent reason. We all got out and I walked to St Paul's and then further south to Trinity.

How do tourists manage to get around the city when they are visiting for the first time??

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Julie said...

Tourists? Heck, sometimes I can't get around the city - especially on the weekends when there is subway construction. Many a time I've arrived at a subway station and discovered that my train is not running leaving me scrambling to find another route somewhere.