Friday, April 04, 2008

Six previously unknown sermons of Augustine discovered

From the University of Erfurt comes the news that six previously unknown sermons of Augustine have been discovered by Isabella Schiller, Dorothea Weber and Clemens Weidmann in a medieval manuscript.

One sermon is on the martyrs Perpetua and Felicitas, and another on the recently martyred Cyprian, and the final sermon deals with resurrection of the dead and biblical prophecies. The 6 new sermons will be published in Wiener Studien. Zeitschrift für Klassische Philologie und Patristik und lateinische Tradition Sermones Erfurt 1, 5, and 6 in Bd. 121 (2008), pp. 227-284. Sermones Erfurt 2, 3 and 4 in Bd. 122 (2009)


Jane said...

Thanks so much for this post Deirdre. I'm about to write something about the BigS and will certainly link to what you have posted.
The French ecumenical translation of the Bible (traduction oecuménique de la Bible known as the TOB) also uses the Hebrew canonical order and this can also be found now in some editions of the Bible en Français Courant - the French Good News Bible - which is rather destabilising in the first instance for a preacher trying to find something in a hurry!
There were some very interesting workshops on the BigS at last year's German Protestant Kirchentag. I find the lack of editorialising really refreshing - on that front the TOB is the complete opposite and often opts for the least radical translation.
Thanks again for your post

Jane said...

sorry posted the comment to teh wrong post apologies - must stop trying to watch tv and type at the same time!

Deirdre said...

Any comment you care to make is welcome to appear anywhere! I must confess that after I had waded through four articles on the BigS, I almost lost heart about the original project. Sigh. But now that you have successfully directed my comment away from the post where it originally appeared, no one will connect it with that post and my criticism :)

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