Saturday, April 05, 2008

Real Family Values

In one presidential election, a senator asserted that no great civilization could survive destruction of the family, then called for cuts in assistance to those who weren't his idea of family. Clearly, our problems are more than societal: We are besieged by both politicians and misguided religious leaders. What is needed are all the resources necessary to rear children who are well-nurtured for life. Many homes don't have kids, but are families nonetheless — living alone after having reared offspring, for example. What is called the "traditional" family is now but 10 percent of American households — and teams of parents raising children comprise 25 percent and includes same-sex parents and others. Until we recognize the reality of what constitutes current families, outside forces will have us at each other's throats and only symptoms, not causes, will be addressed.

"Real family values" by John Burciaga in Newburyport News, Ma.

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