Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Philip Pullman's new book: Once Upon a Time in the North

Phillip Pullman's new book, "Once Upon a Time in the North" is due out soon in the US (on April 8th). Here's a preview by the author. It sounds like a good read.

The UK edition is already out, and here's a review in the Times (UK) by Amanda Craig:

At 104 pages long, Once Upon a Time in the North is both a compelling adventure and the kind of philosophical game familiar from the author's shorter novels (I Was A Rat!, Count Karlstein and Clockwork). There are bills of lading, extracts from Lee's half-destroyed book on The Elements of Aerial Navigation, a fallacious newspaper report and a board game at the back about getting your balloon as close to the Pole without being “sucked into a terrible and certain death in the Polar Maelstrom”. Compared with the epic Miltonic grandeur of His Dark Materials we get more of a Blake poem.

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