Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Reflections for Daily Prayer from the CofE

A new publication, Reflections for Daily Prayer includes comments by Jane Williams together with a podcast on the website including a reading from her interpretation of Genesis. She notes how God works with all people and groups and that its humans who use categories of rejection. She says, its Cain not God who sees God's assessment as rejection. God doesn't work this way: God's chosen people are the means to include others not exclude them.

The first set covers Advent to Epiphany, with short reflections on either the Old Testament or New Testament reading for the day covering topics ranging from wishes to secrets, creation to judgment.

Reflections are written by authors from a wide range of backgrounds and specialisms, who each share a passion for making that day’s chosen passage relevant for today’s reader.

In this first set, the authors include Jane Williams, well-known author and lecturer; Stephen Cottrell, the Bishop of Reading; Paula Gooder, lecturer in New Testament studies at the Queen’s Foundation in Birmingham; and Gordon Mursell, the Bishop of Stafford.

Jane Williams comments: “The thing I like about Daily Prayer – especially the lectionary readings – is that you don’t have to keep inventing a new system every day; it’s a system that you know a lot of people will be using, so you are conscious of sharing Scripture with many people all over the world reading the same passages at almost the same time.”

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