Friday, November 09, 2007

Message in a bottle

A clergyman is facing a litter fine after he put scripture messages into bottles and tossed them in the sea. Instead of drifting across the North Sea, as Pastor Leslie Potter had hoped, the bottles floated back to beaches in Norfolk. He now faces a fine for littering the sands at Gorlestone, where angry walkers had to pick them up. The pastor said: “They were supposed to end up in Holland, France and Germany.”

London Metro (Imogen Forster)

(OK so I've been in committee meetings all morning...)


Rev Dr Mom said...

So maybe his biggest mistake was putting his name on them?

Yeah,committee meetings can fry the brain, can' they... :)

Simon Barrow said...

Ah, so you sit there pretending to be earnestly taking notes on your computer while secretly surfing, then, eh? Ah, the wonders of the wireless life. Apparently. ;)

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