Friday, February 11, 2011


Of the many articles, blog posts and reports from Egypt, here's one from Dean James Kowalski, Dean of the Cathedral of St John the Divine here in New York City (posted Feb 11th) who has been in Egypt recently. And here is another post quoting an Egyptian woman who has been in Tahrir Square:

The story of the Tahrir Square is not about who is with Mubarak and who is against; it is about a truly civilized, very peaceful people who decided to regain control of their destiny... They will forever be responsible and work to rebuild the whole country.

Profiles of Egyptian young people in the protest are here. I'm always on the lookout for mention of Coptic Christians. Here's Anne Alexander from the University of Cambridge at the BBC on harmony between Muslims and Christians during the protest. She quotes people who believe that it is the Mubarak government that has fuelled attacks on Coptic Christians such as the recent bomb attack on Christians celebrating Coptic New Year in Alexandria. 

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