Friday, October 01, 2010

Smith College: Neilson-Kahn seminar: Through a Glass Darkly: Reading the New Testament in a Postmodern World: Sept 27th, October 18, 25, Nov 8, Dec 6th

Given by Prof Wayne Meeks, the next seminar at Smith College is:

Monday, October 18:
Naming Jesus: History, Midrash, and Myth
The earliest followers of Jesus struggled to find appropriate images to say who Jesus was—to themselves and to others. This was a self-involving process, for it was at the same time a struggle for the identity of a new movement. It was at heart an interpretive process, both in the broad sense that the work of forming an identity always interprets the world and simultaneously interprets one's own being in it, and in the specific sense that sacred texts and traditions about their meaning were centrally involved. In this second lecture in the Neilson Professor series, Wayne Meeks will discuss this process and explore how comparing it with other movements of the time, both within Judaism and in the wider culture of the Mediterranean basin, helps us to understand it better.
Monday, October 18, 2010 :: 4:30 pm :: Neilson Browsing Room, Neilson Library, Smith College :: Free and open to the public.

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