Saturday, April 17, 2010

Iraq's Forgotten Conflicts (Mandaeans and Christians) with Edward Stourton

From the second century, Christianity has been in Iraq. Radio 4 broadcasts "Iraq's Forgotten Conflicts" with Edward Stourton, discussing the current plight of Christians who are regularly attacked, as well as that of other groups including Mandaeans and Yezidis, in a post-invasion Iraq that also includes Sabaeans and Shabaks amongst other groups. Arbil in Northern Iraq has become a Christian and Mandaean sanctuary for those not leaving the country. Less than 5,000 Mandaeans remain inside Iraq. Their survival is doubtful. A priest explained that Mandaeans always emphasize peace and peaceful living in society. Mandaeans cannot bear arms so compulsory military service is a challenge. Crimes against Mandaeans in Iraq are not investigated. Yezidis believe they are descendants of Adam not Eve. According to the report, in 2007 a car bomb attack killed 200 at one time.

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