Saturday, April 17, 2010

Iraq's Forgotten Conflicts (Mandaeans and Christians) with Edward Stourton

From the second century, Christianity has been in Iraq. Radio 4 broadcasts "Iraq's Forgotten Conflicts" with Edward Stourton, discussing the current plight of Christians who are regularly attacked, as well as that of other groups including Mandaeans and Yezidis, in a post-invasion Iraq that also includes Sabaeans and Shabaks amongst other groups. Arbil in Northern Iraq has become a Christian and Mandaean sanctuary for those not leaving the country. Less than 5,000 Mandaeans remain inside Iraq. Their survival is doubtful. A priest explained that Mandaeans always emphasize peace and peaceful living in society. Mandaeans cannot bear arms so compulsory military service is a challenge. Crimes against Mandaeans in Iraq are not investigated. Yezidis believe they are descendants of Adam not Eve. According to the report, in 2007 a car bomb attack killed 200 at one time.

The Genesis of Blame: Anne Enright in London Review of Books Winter Lectures at the British Museum Feb 23rd 2018

Anne Enright's first of the LRB Winter Lectures, "The Genesis of Blame" on Friday Feb 23rd 2018 held at the British Museum is...