Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Biblical Images and Secular Representations: April 15th Center for Jewish History at 6.30pm

"Biblical Images and Secular Representations: The Performance of Antiquity in Contemporary Israeli Culture" Yael Zerubavel, Rutgers University.

The Bible contributed to the shaping of Israeli national identity and culture during its formative years and the early decades following the foundation of the state. Biblical images, symbols and themes were reinterpreted, secularized, and transformed in Israeli official iconography, literature, art, and popular culture. Although the Bible has been politicized and its role debated within Israeli culture since the 1970s, recent cultural developments indicate a new surge of secular interest in it. The discussion of the changing attitudes toward the Bible provides a distinct lens to understanding major trends within contemporary Israeli culture.

Center for Jewish History at 16. W. 16th Street. Admission: Free, reservations suggested, RSVP via e-mail or 212-294-8330 x. 8816

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